We all want our weddings to be perfect, unforgettable and unique. We wish to stand out from the crowd. The big day is on its way and you want to make sure that your bouquet is ready, however you don’t just want any bouquet you want something unique. Something that sums you up as clearly as possible.

There are many things bouquets can be made of like brooches, feathers, paper, fabrics, beads and even delicious candies! We’ve compiled a list of 7 unique wedding bouquets to spark your creative side and to help you select the perfect bouquet for your perfect wedding.


Paper Bouquet

1. Paper bliss

If you are having a spring or summertime wedding, then you should consider making your bouquet out of non-perishable material like paper. One of the most common paper bouquets is an origami bouquet. These are always a winner and stay beautiful. You can also take the pages from your favourite book and roll them up in to rosebuds. What’s great about using non-perishable materials for your bouquet is that it will last long after your wedding is over and could make for a memorable keepsake.


2. Succulent & fresh

If you are someone who has a love for all things beautifully ordinary, then you should consider a bouquet made from succulents. It is sturdier than the standard flower as they have fleshy bodies that hold water in waterless climates. Their soft shades and slightly dusty appearance are perfect for a modern day bride who prefers something with a little more volume. Succulents go beautifully with a cream coloured wedding as it brings in a slight contrast while keeping the romantic ambiance.


3. Crafty fabrics & buttons

If you are a bit of an old soul with a passion for crafts, then why not get your hands dirty with a bouquet made from fabrics and buttons? Add a little colour to brighten your day or play up mute tones with vintage paper and copper brooches. You could even add a few flowers from the field to fit in with your beautifully handmade wedding bouquet.


4. Romantic ribbons

As little girls we are often dressed up with ribbons and bows. Some girls grow up to hate it but there are the little girls who grow up to love ribbons and bows and all things sweet and girly. You may want to consider a bouquet of beautiful bows or special bouquet tied up with ribbons. Adds a touch of elegance to any special day.


5. Keepsake bouquet

If you are someone who has a lot of family heirlooms, little trinkets, and memorabilia, then this is definitely something you might want to consider. Design your bouquet by adding all your favourite keepsakes so you can have them close to you as you walk down the aisle towards the next big chapter of your life. This is a nice way of connecting the old with the new, plus it makes for a beautiful keepsake of your special day.


6. Birds of a feather

If you love the light and ethereal flow of feathers, then you should consider a feather bouquet. Feathers have always been a winner as they don’t go off and they always look gorgeous especially if you choose some with colours other than grey and brown. If your wedding is strictly plain colours like white or cream it could be gorgeous to spice it up with a little bit of feather colour.


7. Cascading blooms

This bouquet Idea is absolutely perfect for a bride who loves detail added to simplicity. This bouquet looks like a single flower but it is actually constructed layer by layer from cymbidium orchid petals. You can even add a little colour or variety of colour to the middle with pink or purple petals. The colour of the petals can change to whatever would suit your needs but you will still be left with an elegant bouquet.


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