Your partner has popped the big question and you said yes! Your family is overjoyed and the date is set. Now all you have to do is decide on whether or not you are going to hire a wedding planner.

final touches on the bride's hair

The problem is that you're having some doubts. It would be nice to have someone helping out, making sure you don't forget anything, but what about the costs? Fear no more! We've put together a list of all the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner especially for you.


You can breathe a sigh of relief

There are a lot of small details to stress over when planning a wedding. Details such as the caterers that need to be briefed, the bridesmaid's dresses that need to be fitted, and so the list goes on. When hiring a wedding planner you escape the stress zone and will never turn into a horror bride. All you have to do is pour a glass of champagne, put your feet up, and relax while the professionals take care of everything. There's nothing a bride wants more than to be stress-free on her big day.

Wedding planners know the market

Another big plus when hiring a wedding planner is the fact that they have inside information and in-depth knowledge about the many different components of planning a wedding. Where you will have to spend hours on end trying to find the best confetti, wedding cake, flowers, bridal shoes, and other wedding necessities, an experienced wedding planner will know exactly where to go for quality items. Wedding planners build up a lot of contacts when they've been doing it for a while. These contacts can be suppliers, service providers, and other key items that might be crucial for a successful wedding. The best part is that you might actually save on a lot of the services as they will score you a few loyalty discounts.

Wedding planners deal with people you don't want to

It would be a massive understatement to say that wedding preparations are not easy. Everything takes time and you have to keep your eye on even the tiniest of details. Sometimes this can cause the most stress for a new bride, especially if you have to deal with a lot of people. When you have a wedding planner all of these tasks are handed over to her.

Your budget gets the professional touch

Often when we are inexperienced in something we tend to do it the expensive way. Hiring a wedding planner could save you from overspending and exceeding your budget. Finances are one of the biggest concerns for most newly-wed couples and a good wedding planner can help you and your soon-to-be hubby stay within the bounds of your budget, or even help you spend less than you budgeted for by suggesting alternatives.

A fresh perspective and new ideas

One of the many advantages of a wedding planner is the fact that they come with years of expertise and thus they can introduce you to ideas you may not have thought of yourself. Wedding planners can make great suggestions and guide you in the right direction when you're not entirely sure what you may on your big day.

A happy bride is a stress-free bride

Hiring a wedding planner will be a huge stress reliever. Not only do they put in all of the hard work leading up to the wedding but they also manage everything and everyone on your big day. If anything goes wrong or the Best Man forgets the rings, you can trust your wedding planner to deal with it. You'll be relaxed and stress free as you make your way down the aisle to the man of your dreams.


You lose some of the control

If you are the hands-on type, then hiring a wedding planner can be a hard pill to swallow. Hiring a wedding planner would mean letting go of the reins and allowing them to take over. This can be especially difficult if you have hired a wedding planner you don't quite connect with.

It's an extra expense

Weddings tend to be very expensive and professional wedding planners are not cheap. If you are on a tight budget, a planner is most likely not the best idea. Only hire a wedding planner if your budget allows it, otherwise you could consider making use of your friends or family members are willing to lend a helping hand.

Some of the intimacy is lost

It might seem silly but a lot of brides prefer taking the reins when it comes to planning their wedding. And with good reason, hiring a wedding planner always seems like a good idea until you realise that a lot of the special intimate moments that come from planning are not yours. You miss out on making crazy bride memories you'll laugh about when you are older. For sentimental bride-to-be's it would strongly be suggested to rethink hiring a wedding planner seeing as you might feel detached from the big event at the end of the day. Alternatively, be vocal with your wedding planner and make it clear what you expect, and that each decision must be made by you and your partner.

Wedding planners are a great help when wanting to have your special day kept in check. At the end of the day you should be sure before you hire anyone to work on your wedding day and the interview process is an important one. Your wedding day deserves to be a special one and that can only be done if you're entirely happy. Now you can make a clear decision on whether or not a wedding planner will be part of your happy moment.