One of the most exciting days of your life is about to become a reality and once the engagement party is over and the champagne has all been popped, it's time to start planning.

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You're excited, as you should be, and there are so many decisions to make surrounding your wedding day. It can be overwhelming, with each decision feeling more important than the next!

The reality is that every detail of your special day should be what you desire it to be. While you can't always have the perfect flowers or the perfect shoes, you CAN have the perfect wedding venue!

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most crucial parts of planning a wedding. It's the vessel that will transport your wedding guests on a beautiful adventure that is all about you and your partner.

Take the time to ask the correct questions and you'll be ready to make your venue decision before you know it. Remember to book your venue well in advance to avoid disappointment.

9 questions to ask when choosing the perfect wedding venue

1. What is your budget?

Planning the perfect wedding is all about budget. Unfortunately, that could mean missing out on a venue that may seem to be THE ONE, but remember, not all venues are for every bridal couple. Perhaps your budget is more suited to a smaller setting? Or maybe you’ll need to trim down your guest list?

While no one likes to be told that they can't afford what they want, chat to the manager of your dream venue and find out what they have to offer.

2. Is the venue available on your chosen date?

Before you set your heart on a venue, make sure that your chosen date and time is available. If not, are you willing to reconsider the day on which you tie the knot? It's important that your day (and therefore your venue) suit your needs. If you're not willing to budge on your big day, then you'll have to start searching for a new venue.

3. How many guests will be attending?

It's easy to fall in love with a venue when viewing it for the first time, but it would be a shame to do so only to find out that the venue is either much too large or too small for your needs.

Many wedding venues will allow you to ask questions when booking a time to see the venue, whether the appointment is made over the phone or done via their website. Use this time to ask questions such as these and potentially save yourself a lot of time and heartache.

If your venue is able to cater for your wedding, then that's fantastic! Make extra sure that the venue's parking is adequate and that all of your guests will easily be able to access the venue.

4. Do you need a chapel?

When planning a wedding that may be a little further away from home, it can be easier for both the lucky couple and their guests to have the ceremony and reception at one venue. You'll need to ensure that your venue can cater for your specific religious needs, if any, and be sure to discuss every detail of the ceremony with the venue manager to guarantee that there are no unpleasant surprises on the day.

5. What setting are you looking for?

Weddings are a personal affair that should suit the wants, needs, and personalities of the wedding couple. It's important to choose a wedding venue that provides the perfect setting for your big day. Do you and your partner love the ocean? Why not choose a sea-side venue? If you're looking for a more rustic feel, then consider hiring a venue in the bush. There are many options, and many different ways to achieve your desired look and feel.

6. What are your catering requirements?

Food is one of the most important factors to any wedding celebration. What would a wedding be without melt-in-your-mouth morsels and decadent desserts? If you have specific catering requirements that should fit in with your lifestyle or religious beliefs, don't hesitate to inform your wedding venue manager or wedding planner.

7. Will the venue suit your theme?

Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular. Fantasy, rock n roll, comic book weddings, you name it, it's more than likely been done! It's always imperative that you choose a venue that will be able to cater to ALL of your wedding needs, and that includes your theme. Not all venues are willing to allow sword fighting or a trapeze act though, so always inform your wedding venue manager what you're planning to do.

8. What does the venue NOT provide?

It may seem like a strange thing to ask, but with the MANY questions that should be asked while planning your wedding, it's good to know what's not allowed or could be a problem. Don't take for granted that your wedding venue will provide tissues for your more sensitive guests in the chapel or that there will be wine glasses available. Ensure that you have the right wedding venue for your perfect day by checking every single box, even the ones that may not seem important. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry.

9. Finally, is it everything you want?

The hardest lesson to learn, and often the most important, is that you shouldn't settle for less when planning your wedding. For many, this will be the only wedding you ever have, and that means it should memorable, magical, and an event you never look back on with regret.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, take notes, and double check on every detail. Your wedding day is important and it deserves to be treated that way.

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