When wedding planning kicks into high gear and suddenly your life is a whirlwind of flowers and colour choices, it helps to have a place to start. For many brides, the first step is choosing a wedding theme. The problem is that with so many amazing themes to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the theme that not only encapsulates you and your partner, but suits your style.

Flowers hanging from ceiling in ballroom

We've listed 3 classic and romantic wedding themes that could suit any beautiful new couple.

The Forest Romance

Whether you're wanting to emulate the beauty and magic of the forest or you love the idea of being a "fairy princess", there's no denying that the forest holds a romance that can easily be included in your wedding theme. The addition of tree branches, wreaths, and twinkling lights can turn any wedding venue into a breath-taking forest. The best part about the forest theme is that there are varying degrees that can be implemented. You can choose to go all out and cover the tables in tree bark, forest flowers, and vines, or you can simply add subtle hints for a low-key romantic theme that will make your day memorable.

Wedding Table Place

Classic Beauty

If you've always dreamt of a classic white wedding, then this is the theme for you. Picture crisp clean table cloths, chandeliers of crystal, and beautiful white roses. Add to that a classic wedding cake, the twinkle of candles, and your flowing white wedding gown, and your day will be filled with classic beauty. While we love the idea of the bright and crisp white wedding, don't forget that small touches of colour can make all the difference. Consider a deep red flower in your hair or perhaps a bouquet of beautiful Proteas. Small touches of colour that reflect you and your partner can be the perfect way to make your wedding day completely unique.

White Wedding

Vintage Love

Vintage is a very popular theme right now for many occasions. Whether it's a baby shower or a birthday, vintage is perfect for any special occasion. If you love the look of long gowns with lace sleeves and flowers crowns as accessories, then you should consider a vintage them for your wedding day. Inspired by an old-style glamour, a vintage wedding theme can include as little or as much of the throwback style as you want. Picture subtle touches of vintage headbands, beautiful brooches, pearls, and lanterns. You could also choose an entirely different era and channel the 1920's or 1950's. With so many options and choices, this theme will definitely bring out your creative side.

No matter which theme you choose, your wedding day should perfectly reflect you and your partner. Add touches of your past, present, and future into your wedding décor and outfits for a memorable day that will always hold a special place in your heart. Plus, don't forget to consider your guests and wedding photographer when choosing which theme will suit your special day.

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