Getting married under sunny blue skies may be the dream, but quite often rain showers or chilly, windy weather is the reality. Who said that hot, pleasant days are of the essence for weddings? You could skip the whole idea and run for cover before ever selecting a venue. Alternatively, you could plan for the outdoor wedding you've always wanted yet keep a plan B waiting in the wings if the weather doesn't co-operate. Executing a perfect celebration hand-in-hand with Mother Nature requires preparation!


Choosing the perfect all-weather venue

When selecting a venue for your outdoor celebration, look for places that either allow for a tent or have a secondary indoor space that can serve as a Plan B location. If you are using an indoor space as a plan B, ensure that it can accommodate the number of guests you'll be hosting and that its proximity allows for relocating your guests.


Create a plan A, B & C!

Your professional on-site wedding planner will always be ready for any last-minute changes in case of an unexpected bad weather forecast. Your planner will relieve your stress and liaise with all the vendors in case of a last-minute change of plan. Therefore, you want to work with a seasoned team of event and wedding planners who have experienced and learnt to handle all of the possible nature-related calamities that can impact your celebration.!


Plan for specific weather events

It's essential to work with your event planner to review your precise backup plans for each potential weather element and their likelihood.

1. Rain & Flooding

Adding a floor to your tent provides more than just comfort for your female guests’ designer heels, it also provides a barrier between the event and the rain-soaked ground. Add rain gutters to shuttle rain away from your celebration. Also, covered walkways provide dry passage for guests and servers. Lastly, if heavy rain is predicted, setting up the tent well in advance can help protect the area.

2. Cold & Heat

Extreme temperatures can ruin a celebration. Bring in heaters for warmth or fans to cool things down. Be creative with double-duty items like programmes that are printed on large cardstock fans for guests to self-cool and pashminas or pretty blankets for warmth.

3. Wind

The wind is often an uninvited guest at outdoor weddings. Avoid high center pieces and low-hanging designs. Also, candles should be protected by glass and linens secured. Get creative with other typically delicate elements, like place card displays, by pinning them into mossy frames or attaching them to large mirrors.

4. Lightning

When there's lightning, musicians can't play, and guests must take shelter. Having an indoor space available for potential evacuation is imperative.

5. It's time for Plan B!

When to make the call between your Plan A and Plan B is a tricky question, often you will have a ‘decision time’ assigned by your event planner, which takes into account how long it will take to set up in a new location. Your venue may also have requirements for when that decision needs to be made.

When planning your perfect wedding, choose an all-weather wedding venue with a seasoned team of on-site event and wedding planners that have experienced and handle all that Mother Nature has thrown their way. No matter the weather, we will plan and execute your perfect wedding day!


Book your consultation and viewing experience today, we have all the options for your dreaded Plan B!

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