To have your makeup done by someone is always a big thing, especially because it must be done in such a way that you (as the Bride) feel confident, and very importantly, comfortable with the end result.


  • Therefore it is very important to make use of a Professional Makeup Artist.

  • When you are looking around to choose a makeup artist for yourself, look at her/his portfolio.

  • Are all the clients' makeup done in one specific color and style only? Or is she compatible with different styles and looks.

  • It is important that your makeup artist will listen to you, what look you would like to achieve, and if you do not feel comfortable with what she has done.

  • Go for a trial, even if you have to go again until you are happy with the outcome. It is also nice if a sister/very good friend/mother can join you on the day of your trial, because they know you very well they will know if the end result suits your unique personality and style or not.

  • It is important that the makeup will compliment your features, bring out your beautiful features and "push back" the less beautiful ones..

  • It is also very nice if your makeup artist can take (proper) photos of your trial run. Makeup tends to "disappear" on photo's.

  • Also very important, do not go for any facials in at least 1.5 weeks before your wedding date, and also no facial waxing less than 4 days before your wedding date. I had it once that a bride went for waxing a day before her wedding... On the morning of the wedding she was in a state as she arrived with scabs under her brows, and concealer can only do so much.....

  • I always ask the bride to exfoliate her face on the morning of the wedding, it is a nice prep for the makeup.

With regards to hair. Your hairstyle must complete the look and fit in with your dress style. Hair texture and length plays an important role in the style you'd like to achieve, although there are many amazing tricks and ways that an artist can use to create a gorgeous hairstyle.

  • Again, talk to your hairstylist and go for your trial(s).

  • I always ask my brides to forward images (from eg. pinterest) of the look they'd like to portray, and I work from there so that the end product suits her unique personality, style and physical features.

Last but not least, I would say another important tip is if your hair and makeup artist(s) can add to the calm, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere you would like to have around you on your Special day!! It is always a plus if your artist can help to make you feel relaxed and confident especially on the day of your wedding. Your artist is working in your personal space, and if she (or he) can maintain a calm and pleasant "vibe" in spite of things that might go wrong, you will also be relaxed and calm. If your hair and makeup artist is passionate about what they do, you will be in extreme good hands!!!!

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