With two-thirds of 2020 weddings expected to be postponed until next year, 2021 is set to be the biggest year for weddings yet. Bona Dea Estate has researched 10 of the biggest wedding trends expected for 2021.

10 Great Wedding Tasks While in Quarantine

Digital Guests

1. Digital guests

Zoom has become the go-to video calling app worldwide, and it’s likely we’ll continue to use it in other capacities post-pandemic. As international travel restrictions may continue to persist for some time after lockdown eases, elderly relatives as well and friends and family living in other countries may prefer to dial-in and watch the ceremony remotely.

Eco Conscious Wedding

2. Eco-conscious Weddings

Any wedding contains copious amounts of finer details: décor ations, confetti, flowers, wedding favours, invites, signs, table numbers and place cards etc. All of these accessories come at an expense, and many – especially customised items – cannot be reused or given away once the big day is over.

Sustainable weddings are gaining popularity as green brides and grooms opt for environmentally friendly options for their wedding days. There is a strong sway towards ’70s materials and aesthetic – macramé, crochet, rattan, block colours, wooden beading and textured linens Here are a few ways that you can introduce sustainability into your big day:

  • Use biodegradable confetti.
  • Create reception signs on old mirrors, doors, timber, or frames.
  • Consider a digital invite instead of the traditional posted option.
  • Still want to send an invite? Print it on recycled paper.
  • Go plastic-free (you’ll need to work with your vendors on this, but it’s 100% doable).
  • Work with your florist to use in-season, locally-sourced florals and foraged greenery.
  • In place of gifts, ask your guests to donate to an environmentally-minded charity.
  • Purchase bridal party outfits from local and/or ethical designers.
  • Offer vegan or vegetarian options on your menu.
  • Source your wine and beer from local breweries and wineries.

Wedding Colour

3. Colour

Goodbye minimalist white, hello colour! 2021 will see an abundance of hues for florals, bridesmaids dresses, décor , and even wedding dresses!
Want a gentle version of the trend? Use pastels alongside minimalist white for a soft palette. Feminine floral and pink wedding dresses are also a hot trend for the unconventional bride. Alternatively, you can utilise colour in your décor with jewel-hued furniture and bright blooms.

Wedding Soundtracks

4. Bespoke Soundtracks

Like selecting the perfect food menu, many music-loving couples are opting for customised playlists/music themes for their big day. The best option? Work with an experienced DJ who can create your dream sound – choose your genres and favourite tunes and leave the rest up to the experts.

Wedding Veils

5. Statement veils and classic gowns

A classic dress doesn’t have to be dull. Trends that are making waves are square necklines and sheer detailing. Not sure if a trend is right for you? A bridal gown designer will know what will flatter you and your figure, helping reduce the trial and error of trying on endless dresses.

The shift towards sustainable fashion is one we’ve seen growing in recent years as the damaging effects of fast fashion become more apparent. This is only likely to grow next year and extend to bridal fashion, as online fashion search platform Lyst notes that searches for “vintage”, “second hand” or “pre-owned” wedding dresses are collectively up 38 per cent year-on-year, averaging close to 19,000 searches a month.

No Alcohol Weddings

6. Themed bars and low/no-alcohol beverages

Nothing will replace a traditional bar, but single beverage bars – in particular, Gin & Tonic stations – are a hot addition to wedding receptions. Self-serve setups are a fun, interactive way for your guests to get a drink, and can take a bit of pressure off the bar staff.

Local Weddings

7. Locally sourced foods

Everything from the décor to the photographers will be sourced locally, as people are bound to want to support small businesses and help them to get back on their feet after the strains that the lockdown has put on them.

Wedding Tradition

8. Bucking tradition

While traditional large weddings are still popular, more couples are opting for smaller ceremonies and receptions and are forgoing formalities like bouquet-throwing or garter removal. Fewer guests mean a bigger budget per head, allowing you to create a high-end, unforgettable reception.
Destination weddings are still on-trend, as are family-only ceremonies followed by a reception lunch or dinner.

Wedding Desserts

9. Unconventional desserts

Cake still reigns supreme, but creative dessert options are trending and provide a fun alternative. Think cheese towers or platters, pancake stations, and doughnut installations. Bonus points: provide little paper takeaway bags of boxes so guests can take home a treat.

Wedding Philanthropy

10. Philanthropy will take centre stage

Given how unifying the pandemic has been, it is only natural that human kindness would become paramount to the wedding scene.
More couples will incorporate charitable aspects into their big days next year, whether it’s by encouraging guests to donate to their favourite charities or forgoing gifts entirely in the place of donations.
Couples will also donate leftovers flowers to hospitals and hospices for example – another moving gesture and an unexpected silver lining.