Mid-Week Elopement, Why It Has Become So Popular? Traditionally speaking, couples do not consider Midweek Weddings (or Elopements) as an alternative- because most South African weddings usually take place during weekends.

Traditionally speaking, couples do not consider Midweek Weddings (or Elopements) as an alternative- because most South African weddings usually take place during weekends.

If you are however thinking of eloping or a non-traditional wedding, chances are fair that you are not one to be bound by tradition! According to recent research, approximately 33% of couples are choosing to buck this particular trend and have midweek weddings – especially if they are choosing to elope. Let’s take a look at why!

What does it mean to elope?

Firstly, to elope means to get married without telling anyone, especially the parents and families. But this is an outdated description of what an elopement actually is. Nowadays, instead of a run-away wedding without consent, it leans more to a small, intimate ceremony with only the couple or very few guests (usually 20-30 guests). The most important aspect of an elopement is about the focus. An elopement focuses on the couple, not the production of a large wedding nor what everyone else wants them to do. Eloping is not running away from life, but a celebration of just the two of you and your unique love.

Why would one elope?

Current Global Health Circumstances, as well as Governmental regulations, have coerced wedding-planning couples into rethinking every aspect of their wedding.

Here are 5 top reasons why couples choose to elope:


For those who don’t have a supportive family, traditional weddings can be extremely traumatic. You deserve a wedding day surrounded by people who support you, your relationship, your goals and your love 100%! No judgement, shame, fear or stress should be present on your wedding day, and the sad truth is that family is sometimes the source of these negative feelings. Families are complicated. They’re especially tricky to navigate when you get married. Do whatever feels right for you. Should planning not appeal to you, there is nothing wrong with giving it a skip and eloping in a beautiful, tranquil setting!


There has to be something completely intentional about choosing to get married in a small intimate way. For so many couples, a big, traditional wedding isn’t an honest, true reflection of who they are or what they want, and that’s OK. Just like it’s OK to want to have a big, traditional wedding, too. Everyone is different, and everyone deserves to be authentically themselves on their wedding day.


While current Global Health circumstances and regulations only allow for a set amount of guests, an elopement also focuses special attention on the couple. You're so much more free to express your emotions because you’re not lost in the blur. You get the chance to pause, look into your partner’s eye, embrace it all, and say “this is real—I just married you.” Big weddings rarely allow time for intimate, intentional moments. Don’t blame the guests – it’s simply the nature of traditional weddings!


People who value experiences over tangible things tend to be drawn to elopements. Not because they don’t want to invest money on their beautiful wedding day, but because they have a different set of desires. Instead perhaps more authentic which aligns with their values and vision! There is no right or wrong answer to eloping and it should not be viewed in a negative way. What is most important is that a couple follows their own desires and whatever path makes them happy. For many, the idea of a traditional wedding simply isn't a good fit and they prefer to do it their own way- and in 2020? That’s okay too!


Eloping is that it’s cost-effective. It is a known fact that weddings don’t come cheap. Fewer guests? More pocket money for your Honeymoon! When choosing to elope mid-week, you are sure to receive discounted rates too!