The board of directors has signed off on the budget and the theme has been decided on. All you need for the conference you’re planning to be successful is the perfect venue. But where do you start looking?

conference delegates seated in rows

American influence stretches far and wide. This is especially true when it comes to weddings, where traditions like tossing the bouquet for the single ladies to catch or cutting the cake and feeding it to one another, have become “standard procedure”.

But ‘normal’ as these traditions might seem to us, they no doubt appear quizzical to people from different cultural backgrounds. In the same way, there are some wedding traditions from other parts of the globe that you might find a little unusual, so we listed a few here.

Couple cutting a wedding cake

We all want our weddings to be perfect, unforgettable and unique. We wish to stand out from the crowd. The big day is on its way and you want to make sure that your bouquet is ready, however you don't just want any bouquet you want something unique. Something that sums you up as clearly as possible.There are many things bouquets can be made of like brooches, feathers, paper, fabrics, beads and even delicious candies!

Paper Bouquet